Highway 615


The best country music from the last 30+ years with some vintage and new stuff mixed in. The band is made up of players that have played in some of the most successful rock bands of the region for the past 30+ years. Lead guitarist Mark Hamm formerly toured with White Whiskey Coalition, River Bottom Nightmare Band, Brother Down, amongst others. Bassist Keith Harmeier has been part of bands such as Mad Hatter, Sweet Fannie Adams, Altered Ego, White Whiskey Coalition, and Brother Down. Drummer Ed Cunningham came to the group after spending time with RockKandy, MissConduct, and Rock of Ages. Rhythm guitarist Jeff Tate is the new kid on the team but joined in 2020 after stints with Altered Ego, Average Joe, Mad Hatter.


Nov 17 2021


7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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